We are the European market leader in cartilage cell therapies, ATMPs (advanced therapy medicinal products) and suitable biomaterials.

As a biopharmaceutical company with over 20 years of experience, we offer your patients individual, cell-based therapy solutions – with the aim of improving their long-term health and quality of life.

We can count on comprehensive specialist expertise and the highest quality standards: our interdisciplinary team of cell and molecular biologists, pharmacologists, biotechnologists, biochemists and physicians develops, tests and produces in line with the latest scientific findings and methods – with care and precision from the first phase of development through to the finished product.

Individual cell products to the highest standards

One of our core competencies is the regeneration of cartilage tissue using autologous chondrocytes (the body’s own cartilage cells) and innovative biomaterials: For this, we manufacture personalised cell products. Thanks to the modern matrix-associated autologous chondrocyte implantation (M-ACI) procedure, your patients’ cartilage defects can be healed with our products – preserving the joint and only requiring minimally invasive surgery.

Tissue Engineering

Cell-based treatment innovations

Tissue engineering is a term used in regenerative medicine: the treatment and regeneration of tissue defects using living cells, mainly autologous, cells. For this, cells are collected from your patients, in our specialised production area and then implanted. In this way, diseased or destroyed tissue is replaced.

Tissue engineering methods open up new dimensions in the field of biological reconstruction: autologous tissue replacement could make cardiovascular system and internal organ diseases treatable in the near future. Today, cartilage, bone and skin defects in particular can be successfully treated in this way.

Unter Tissue Engineering wird die Behandlung und Heilung von Gewebedefekten durch  Zellen verstanden.

Benefits of tissue engineering products

Our tissue engineering has significant advantages over conventional methods: The therapeutic use of autologous cells is very atraumatic and promising. Tissue engineering products enable:

  • Patient-specific therapy solutions
  • Autologous tissues and their function to be restored
  • Rejection reactions to be avoided
  • Artificial joint replacement to be delayed or even avoided

As an advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP), tissue engineering products are also subject to strict control by medical authorities, such as the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut.

Tissue Engineering

With our tissue engineering products, we offer your patients individually manufactured products produced from autologous cells: Rejection reactions are avoided and damaged tissue is regenerated naturally.

Specialised laboratory infrastructure

Optimal cell cultivation

Die Vermehrung der körpereigenen Knorpelzellen erfolgt in unseren spezialisierten Herstellungsbereichen.

A small quantity of autologous chondrocytes are collected from your patient for the production of personalised cell products. This is followed by propagation in our specialised production areas.

Thanks to the culture techniques and innovative biomaterials developed by TETEC AG, we ensure the retention of cartilage-specific properties. Our optimised procedures thus enable the production of high-quality chondrocytes – without the use of controversial genetic engineering methods.

Naturally, we do not use antibiotics or antifungals when cultivating the cells. Immunological reactions or transmission of infections of animal or non-animal origin can be ruled out almost completely.

Quality assurance

Safety and quality – from production to implantation

Die zell- und molekularbiologische Transplantatqualität wird bei TETEC mit modernster Analysetechnik überprüft.

Our products are manufactured in innovative cleanroom systems – standardised and subject to continuous quality testing. Using state-of-the-art analytical technology (quantitative PCR), we check the cell and molecular biology quality of each product before returning it to the user.

For each product, we prepare detailed progress reports on the sterility tests and cell and molecular biology analyses performed. Each user receives a final test report with the product, which, in addition to information on tested sterility, also includes detailed information on cell vitality and the quantitative gene expression analyses performed.

Specialised instruments

Together with Aesculap AG we have developed a special instrument set for the collection and implantation of autologous chondrocytes (the body's own cartilage cells) – to standardise and simplify the surgical procedure. We will loan you the instrument set – maintained and serviced by Aesculap in all cases – at no additional cost.

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