Tissue Engineering Technologies

New chances through regenerative medicine

The healing through the body's own tissue replacement gives millions of patients the chance of successful treatment of cartilage damage. TETEC develops this innovative technology with an expert team of scientists and specialists.

Healing from the inside out – The future lies in cells

Tissue engineering is a term used in biotechnology to refer to the treatment and healing of tissue defects through the use of living cells, mostly taken from the body itself. The cells are extracted from the patient in specialist laboratories, multiplied by way of natural growth processes and eventually retransplanted.

The advantages of this method are enormous 

The patient does not need to fear any rejection reaction caused by the transplant, and benefits from natural, “inside-out” healing. The transplanted cells can act in the body to continuously reproduce and maintain the defective tissue/organ function.

The methods used in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine will further revolutionize the replacement of tissues and organs in the future. Already, cartilage, bone and skin defects are being successfully treated using biological reconstruction procedures. And research in these areas continues, opening up completely new dimensions.

Doctors, biologists, bioengineers and other scientists are working intensively to enable diseases of the heart and circulation, rheumatism and illness of the inner organs to be treated through biological tissue engineering in the near future. This is a source of hope for many patients suffering from pain, those urgently requiering donor organs, victims of accidents and for many more besides.

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